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Wilco Projects completes the set of Paslode Impulse Tools

We caught up with Sam Wilson to hear about the recent addition to the Wilco toolbox – Paslode’s new Positive Placement Nailer, PPN-Master™. Sam, owner of Wilco Projects, leads a team of Registered Master Builders working around North Auckland and the wider Auckland metropolitan area. READ MORE »

Framer Queenstown 14

Extreme framing in Queenstown, NZ

Queenstown is a town renowned for extreme sports, and construction is no exception. With winter temperatures regularly in the minus and single digits, you’d be forgiven for thinking snowboarding down the town’s famous mountains is the easier gig. READ MORE »

Tool Cleaning Clinic and Trade BBQ.

Dahlsens Trade Lakes Entrance were hosts for a Paslode Tool Cleaning Cleaning Clinic and Trade BBQ. Paslode’s very own Jacquie showed participants how to check and maintain their Impulse tools. READ MORE »


The Paslode Impulse framing and trim tools are playing a starring role in the fifth series of House Rules. With just one week to renovate each house, the gas powered, reliable and lightweight Paslode framers and bradders are critical tools hanging off the tool belts of the six House Rules teams. READ MORE »

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Tradie Tough Tests Paslode Impulse IM90Ci

The new Paslode Impulse IM90Ci has the power and the productivity to get your jobs done right the first time. When you’re shooting nails into framework, there’s nothing more frustrating than needing to finish off those pesky nails that didn’t go in all the way with the hammer. READ MORE »