We caught up with Sam Wilson to hear about the recent addition to the Wilco toolbox – Paslode’s new Positive Placement Nailer, PPN-Master™.

Sam, owner of Wilco Projects, leads a team of Registered Master Builders working around North Auckland and the wider Auckland metropolitan area. Paslode tools are a big part of their work.


They use Paslode through every project, starting with the Impulse Framemaster-Li™ Powervent for all the framing.

“That gets thrashed every day.”

The New Angled TrimMaster tackles all exterior cladding and finishing trims from pinning up sheet cladding and cover battens, and attaching fascia and barge boards.

“The works.”

“We have been putting the stainless pins into the TrimMaster for the scribers, tacking the battens, tacking the cladding. Even in dusty dirty environments, it just keeps going, perfect every time.”

On the interior, Sam’s team use the TrimMaster on all the skirting and architraves. It is also perfect for tongue and groove panelling where getting the ideal angle and positioning is key to achieving a secret fixing.

“This tool really helps to get that position so then you don’t see any fixing in the room. It has good balance, feels lighter and it feels like it has heaps of power. I would recommend it to anyone.”

The PPN-Master™ is the latest flash orange the team have been using onsite.

The new Paslode Positive Placement Nailer is all about consistent, accurate metal connector installation. The PPN™ tool works with three BRANZ appraised product nails to install I-joist hangers, strap bracing, triple grips and multigrips with speed and ease. It is also three times faster than hand hammering.

Sam says he wasn’t sure how this PPN™ was going to go so he decided to put it to the test and head to head with his brother Fred.

“We are just used to tapping away with a hammer or sometimes you screw them, the hangers and brackets. Honestly, me and Fred had a race. He only did one hanger in the time that I had done two or three.”

“All that time saved with the PPN™ tool means more time for being at the beach with the kids.”

If you’d like to book a tool demo to test the yourself all the features of the 2023 Paslode PPN-Master™, please get in touch!