• By-pass follower for quicker and easier loading of nails
  • Longer fan runtime for improved cooling when rapid firing and increased performance
  • Rubberised grip for improved handling and feel
  • Redesigned nail lip for easier nail loading
  • Slip-proof grip and flat head allows the tool to be balanced on surfaces
  • Lightest framing nailer on the market at only 3.3kg
  • Bigger battery notch for easier battery removal

Previous models

Product CodeB20580
Cycle Rate1000/hr (2-3/sec. intermittently)
Fastener Length50-90mm
Fuel Cell Life1000 Nails (approx.)
Dimensions (L x H x W)310 x 386 x 105mm
Battery Life9,000 shots per charge
Magazine Capacity52 Nails (approx.)

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Fastener Charts

Nails compatible with Impulse FrameMaster-Li™ PowerVent (2021)

Here’s a list of recommended fasteners to use with your Impulse FrameMaster-Li™ PowerVent (2021)

impulse value packs

Product CodeLengthDiameterHeadShank TypeFinishFuel CellsBox Qty
B20544V50mm2.87mmD HeadSmoothBright33000
B20546V65mm2.87mmD HeadSmoothBright33000
B20547V75mm3.06mmD HeadSmoothBright33000
B20550V90mm3.15mmD HeadSmoothBright33000
B2056644mm3.15mmD HeadSmoothMechanical Galv22000
B20565V50mm2.87mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv33000
B20557V50mm2.87mmDekfast® R DriveRingHot Dipped Galv33000
B20549V50mm2.87mmR DriveRingHot Dipped Galv33000
B20575V60mm2.87mmR DriveRingHot Dipped Galv33000
B20558V65mm2.87mmDekfast® R DriveRingHot Dipped Galv33000
B20568V65mm2.87mmD HeadRingHot Dipped Galv33000
B20569V75mm3.06mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv33000
B20681V75mm3.06mmJoltfast R HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv33000
B20564V75mm3.06mmDekfast® R DriveRingHot Dipped Galv33000
B20572V75mm3.06mmD HeadRingHot Dipped Galv33000
B20571V90mm3.15mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv33000

Impulse Handy Packs

Product CodeLengthDiameterHeadShank TypeFinishFuel CellsBox Qty
B2055175mm3.06mmD HeadSmoothBright11000
B2055090mm3.15mmD HeadSmoothBright11000
B2055750mm2.87mmDekFast®RingHot Dipped Galv11000
B2057560mm2.87mmR DriveRingHot Dipped Galv11000
B2068065mm2.87mmJoltfast R HeadRingHot Dipped Galv11000
B2055865mm2.87mmDekFast®RingHot Dipped Galv11000
B2055475mm3.06mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv11000
B2068175mm3.06mmJoltfast R HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv11000
B2056475mm3.06mmDekfast® R DriveRingHot Dipped Galv11000
B2057190mm3.15mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv11000
B2068290mm3.06mmJoltfast R HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv11000
B2057844mm3.15mmD HeadRingStainless Steel11000
B2056550mm2.87mmD HeadRingStainless Steel11000
B2080565mm2.87mmD HeadRingStainless Steel11000
B2081090mm3.15mmD HeadRingStainless Steel11000
B3226050mm2.87mmR HeadRingStainless Steel11000
B2057255mm2.80mmR HeadRingStainless Steel11000
B2056065mm2.80mmR DriveRingStainless Steel11000
B2057375mm3.06mmR DriveRingStainless Steel11000
B2068565mm2.87mmJoltfast R HeadRingStainless Steel11000
B2068375mm3.06mmJoltfast R HeadRingStainless Steel11000
B2068490mm3.06mmJoltfast R HeadRingStainless Steel11000