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Paslode Cordless and Pneumatic Nailing Tools & Accessories

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Fixing Purlins?
Things Are Looking Up!

A Single Tool Solution For Purlins, Without The Ups & Downs

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Paslode PPN-Master™ – Positive Placement Nailer

The Fastest Most Convenient Way to Install Metal Connectors

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Cordless Nailers

Paslode offers a complete range of Impulse tools delivering maximum job site productivity – no compressors, no hoses, no hassles!


Paslode offers a complete range of fasteners to cover framing, trim and cladding installation applications.



Paslode offers a complete range of Impulse and Pneumatic accessories designed to maximise the performance and extend the life of your tools.

Impulse Batteries And Chargers F


Paslode proudly provides ongoing training and support to our partner network. Paslode Tools and Fasteners are available at your local hardware store.

Paslode Wilco

Where to service

Paslode has a wide distribution of service agents. They’re experts in repairing your Paslode tool. They know that it is important to get your tool fixed and back on site quickly.

Don’t forget to register your tools

Keep a record of your serial numbers

When you register with Paslode, we securely save your details for better service and warranty support.

  • If your tool is stolen, you will have a record of your tool serial number and proof of purchase.
  • We use this registration as part of your tool’s warranty.
  • You have access to special offers, new product information and competitions.
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Feature Of The Month

paslode purlin nail

Our Purlin Nail was designed so builders can spend less time working at heights, and get the roof on faster. BRANZ appraised, it’s a single-tool solution to accurately fix purlins fast – freeing up time, labour and tools.

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Latest from our instagram

Great to see @chrissyteethechippy keeping his FrameMaster in top form with a quick clean 💥 

#paslode #toolmaintenance #nailgun #framemaster #builder #building #carpenter #carpentry
"A bit of tool maintenance over the holidays 😮‍💨" - we like your thinking @link.da.chippy

#paslode #toolmaintenance #nailgun #framemaster #builder #building #carpenter #carpentry
Paslode Pete and Jason visited Hicks Construction to give them a Tool Cleaning and Demo session 💥 

#toolcleaning #demo #tooldemo #nailgun #paslode #onsite #onsitevisit #hicksconstruction #construction #toolmaintenance
"Fast-tracking my way into 2024 with Paslode Purlin nails and PPN Nailer!" - @shes.a.builder

Learn more about our NEW Purlin Nail on our new website! Link in our bio. 

#purlinnail #purlin #fixingpurlins #makingitwithpaslode #ppnmaster #paslode #building #roofing
Looking to ramp up productivity on site for 2024? Try out our latest products, the PPN-Master and Purlin Nails and experience next level efficiency and finish quality on site 🤝

#productivity #onsite #makingitwithpaslode #paslode #ppnmaster #steelframebrad #nailgun #steelframe #brad #efficiency #quality