Introducing the Paslode Purlin Nail  — BRANZ appraised. The Purlin Nail is a single-tool solution to fix purlins fast and with precision – freeing up time, labour and tools.

Fix purlins fast with new BRANZ appraised PASLODE Purlin Nail System

The new Paslode Purlin system uses three 80mm-long bright purlin nails placed in a diagonal pattern streamlining the job of fixing purlins and roofing battens. Paslode’s Purlin Nail is a 3.15mm nail with angular grooves and a full round head. Placed corner-to-corner, the nailing system meets the 2.4kN clamp down capacity required for type T fixing as per NZS 3604.

“The new Purlin Nail has been designed so builders can spend less time working at heights.”

Edlir Truja, Product Manager – Paslode New Zealand

“Three Paslode Purlin Nails placed corner-to-corner complies with the building code for Type T fixing based on the withdrawal power required. Builders can use these nails and configuration and be confident and satisfied with the job.”

“Builders no longer need to secure the purlins with a nail, then climb off the scaffolding, change tools, fill their pouch, then go back up, picking each individual screw from their belt. The Purlin Nail system saves that whole second process saving up to half the time compared with the combination of nail and blue screw fixing. That adds up to greater convenience and less time bending and bracing on the roof at odd angles.”

“All up, they can get the roof on faster and easier – and get on to the next job or the roof shout earlier!”

Edlir Truja, Product Manager – Paslode New Zealand
Purlin Nail 5

With the new Purlin Nail, diagonal nail placement is key. The configuration works with hips and valleys and builders can simply use a timber blocking mechanism for joins. When the job’s complete, builders and building inspectors can have confidence in the BRANZ appraised system, BRANZ appraisal No. 1249 [2023].

For optimum performance, use Paslode’s Purlin Nail with the latest FrameMaster models (B20580/B20543P).

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