New BRANZ appraised PASLODE Purlin Nail System – Simple as 1, 2, 3

When you’re working at heights, you don’t want to hang around. Introducing our latest innovation: the Paslode Purlin Nail — BRANZ appraised. It’s a single-tool solution to fix purlins fast and with precision – freeing up time, labour and tools. Paslode’s Purlin Nail lets you fasten purlins with three nails, instead of fiddly screws, and helps you get to the roof shout faster.

Three Nails and You Are Sorted!

Paslode’s Purlin Nail is a once-and-done way to get the job done well. Builders no longer need to secure the purlins with a nail, then climb off the scaffolding, change tools, fill their pouch, then go back up, picking each individual screw from their belt and fix it in. The Purlin Nail system saves you up to half the time compared with the combination of nail and blue screw fixing.

BRANZ Appraised so you’re good to go

Placed corner-to-corner and sunk flush or below the surface, the Paslode Purlin Nail system meets the 2.4kN clamp down capacity required for type T fixing as per NZS 3604. Appraisal N. 1249.