Impulse Tools

What is included with a new Paslode Li-Ion Cordless nailer?

A new Cordless nailer includes the following:

  • Cordless nailer or Bradder
  • Carrying Case
  • Clear Safety Glasses
  • 240 Volt Battery Charger
  • 2 x Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Hex Key
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Tool Reference Guide
Do I need to oil my cordless nailer before use?

Your Cordless nailer comes pre-lubricated from the factory. It is not uncommon to see a small amount of oil that seeped out into the case. Because the fuel contains a small amount of oil, it is not necessary to oil the tool during normal use. The only time the tool should be oiled is after it has been cleaned.

Where is the serial number located on a Paslode PowerVent?

The serial number is engraved adjacent the nose on the right hand side of the magazine. The serial number is 10 digits long; PV is for ANZ PowerVent tools.

What type of oil should I use after the Impulse nailer has been cleaned?

Use only Paslode Cordless Tool Lubricating Oil part number B20544F. It is specially formulated to withstand the high temperatures generated by Cordless nailers. Using other oils can cause the rapid build-up of combustion residue leading to poor nailer performance and more frequent cleanings.

Does Paslode offer a cleaning kit for Cordless nailers?

Paslode offers a Degreaser Part Number B20544L and Impulse Lubricating oil B20544F specifically designed for the Impulse Range of Tools

Can I use something other than Paslode Degreaser to clean my nailer?

Paslode Degreaser Cleaner B20544L, is specially formulated for Paslode Cordless and Pneumatic nailers. We recommend that you use our products because we have tested it with our nailers. Other products may damage electrical components, plastic parts, and rubber parts. They may also leave a residue which could cause damage to the nailer or injury to the operator of the nailer.

How often should I clean my Cordless Nailer or Bradder?

The Operating Manuals suggest intervals for cleaning. Below is the PowerVent Cleaning Schedule

Pneumatic Tools

What is the difference between kPa/PSI and litres/min – CFM?

kPa or PSI is an amount of pressure, Litres per minute or Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) is a delivery rate. In terms of how a pneumatic tools works, the greater the kPa the harder the tool will drive and, the greater the Litres/ minute the faster the tool will work.

What is Free Air Delivery?

Free Air delivery is the actual quantity of usable air available

What type of oil should I use in my pneumatic nailer?

Use only Paslode Pneumatic Lubricating Oil Past Number F27625.

Do not use WD40, motor oil, transmission fluid or aerosol lubricants. These lubricants will destroy the O-rings and seals inside the nailer.

How much oil should I use?

Use 3 drops of oil each day before use.

What size air fitting do I need for my tool?

Tools should always use a male air fitting which allows the air to discharge from the tool when the air hose is removed. As a rule of thumb, framing tools use 3/8” air fittings and smaller tools such as trim nailers use 1/4” air fittings.

Trouble Shooting

The nailer fires but no nail is being driven. What causes this?

There are several things that could cause a nailer to “blank fire”.

  • If your tool does not have a lockout, check that you haven’t run out of fasteners
  • There may be a nail jam preventing the fasteners from moving forward. For information on clearing a nail jam, refer to the Owner’s Manual for your nailer. This information is typically found toward the back of the manual. Cordless nailers may require cleaning.
  • If the tool has driven 10,000 nails or more, it may require cleaning.
When I fire the Cordless nailer, it makes a “POOF” sound. What is causing that?

his can be caused by several things, but a nail jam is the most common. Remove the fuel and battery then clear the jammed nail(s) from the tool. If the driver blade is in the down position the tool will not fire. With the fuel and battery out of the tool, push the driver blade all the way up into the tool and test the tool.

This can also be caused by using the wrong fasteners in the tool.

How do I remove a jammed nail from a Cordless Framing nailer?

First remove the fuel, battery and the remaining nails in the magazine. Using the 5/32 hex key, remove the two screws on either side of the work contact. Next, grab hold of the work contact with one hand and the bottom of the magazine with the other. Pull the two away from each other and the magazine will separate from the nose. This will allow the jammed nail to fall out. Inspect the driver blade and push it back up into the tool. Install the two nose screws.

How do I adjust the depth of drive for an PF350S or F350 Framing nailer?

Do not attempt to operate or service the nailer until you have read and understood all safety precautions and manual instructions. Disconnect the air and remove fasteners from the nailer when making any adjustments or servicing it. The F350 Framing nailer has a 3/16 hex key located in the rear of the magazine. To adjust the depth of the nail, loosen the bolt on the work contacting element with the hex key. Raise the work contact up to drive the nail deeper or lower the work contact to drive the nail flush. Tighten the bolt on the work contact and test the tool.

The light on the handle of my Cordless nailer is flashing red and green. What does that mean?

The nailer’s electrical system has gone into overload protection. There may be something wrong with the fan motor or the wires going to the fan motor. Remove the cap and grill to inspect the red and black fan motor wires. If the wires are pinched or broken, that may be the problem. It may also help to disconnect the small white connector on the wire assembly that goes to the motor and then reconnect it. If the tool still does not work, take it to an Authorised Paslode Service Agent.


How long does it take to charge a battery?

A new battery will take up to 2 hours to fully charge. A partially discharged battery will take between 5 minutes and 2 hours to fully charge depending on the amount of discharge.

How many fasteners can be driven with a fully charged battery?

The new charged Li-Ion battery should drive up to 9,000 fasteners before needing to be recharged.

What does it mean when the lights on the charger flash red and green during charging?

It is normal for the lights on the charger to flash red/green for up to 20 minutes. The charger is slowly building the charge in the battery until the battery is able to accept the full output of the charger. This protects the battery and increases the life of the battery. If the lights continue to flash red/green after 20 minutes but goes to a steady green when the battery is removed, it is likely there is a problem with the battery.

How long will my battery last?

Li-Ion batteries are good for around 1000 charge / discharge cycles

Tools and batteries are both warranted for 12 months after purchase.

What is the best way of storing my tool for an extended period?

Li-Ion batteries are best stored in a semi discharged state. Charge them up prior to using them again.

Impulse Fuel

Which fuel cell does my Cordless nailer use?

The tall fuel cell is for the Framing tools. The older framers may need the Right Angled Twist and Lock Cap with the red seal. The new Power Plus formula fuel will suit both the new and older framers.

The Short Fuel cell is for the Trim tools. The Right Angled twist and Lock Cap with the Yellow seal only suits the short Fuel Cell.

Do fuel cells have a shelf life?

Fuel cells have a “Best by” date printed on the bottom of the can. A fuel cell will often work beyond that date, but if a tool starts to work intermittently it could be because the fuel cell has expired. An expired fuel cell has lost enough internal pressure to degrade its performance.

Life expiry of the Power Plus fuel cell is 27 months. Life expiry of the smaller Trim Cells is 21 months

We recommend buying only enough fuel to complete the job. Always check the date on the bottom of the can before purchasing or using a fuel cell to ensure it is not past the best used by date.

How do I know when a fuel cell is empty?

First make certain you are away from any open flames or heating elements.

Hold the fuel cell upside down so the white stem is toward the floor.

Carefully push the white stem several times against a hard surface. Each time you depress the white stem a small “puff” of fuel should be dispensed.

If fuel does not come out, the cell is empty.

My fuel cells are past the “Best Used by Date”. Can I test them to see if they are still usable?

To test if an expired fuel cell is still dispensing fuel properly do the following:

Make certain you are away from any open flames or heating elements.

Hold the fuel cell straight up and down so the metering valve is on top.

Push the white stem against a hard surface 4 to 5 times. Each time you depress the white valve a small “puff” of fuel should come out.

If the puff of fuel comes out only on the first 2 or 3 pushes, then the cell has expired and needs to be replaced.

Another way to test if the fuel is still good is to hold the tool upside down over head and drive a nail into a header or ceiling joist. If the tool works consistently in that position but will not work when driving into the floor, then the cell is bad.

Can I use other brands of fuel in my Cordless nailer?

Paslode fuel is formulated for Paslode Cordless nailers and provides superior performance and lubrication. Using other brands of fuel may damage your tool or increase how often it needs servicing.


What nails do I use for construction materials?

Visit Partner Fixing Matrix page for matrixes to help you choose the right nail for the job.

Can I use Paslode Galvanized Brads / Finish nails in an exterior application?

Paslode electro-galvanized finish nails/ Brads are a Class 1 finish. They are not suited to external applications and should not be used in cedar, redwood or treated lumber. Stainless Steel Brads are available for external applications. Refer to label colouring to choose the right fastener.

Do Paslode Hot Dip Galvanise nails meet the Class 3 Corrosion resistance?

Paslode Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDG) nails have a minimum Zinc coating in Australia of 25-40 microns.

Is a galvanising finish shiny or dull?

t all depends on how the fastener was manufactured. If the galvanising is “spun” from the fastener during manufacture, then it will be dull. Coil nails typically have a duller finish. If the fastener is made from pre-plated galvanised wire, then it is usually shiny. The Galv-Plus nails are made from pre-plated wire and have a protective Green head coating.

Electro Galvanising (EG) or Electro Plating (EP) can also be shiny.

Can I use Paslode Hot Dipped Galvanized nails in treated lumber?

Fasteners for these timbers usually are to be Hot Dip Galvanised to a Class 3 protection level

The corrosion protection effectiveness is influenced by situations of high rainfall or close proximity to the ocean. In extreme conditions Stainless Steel may be the best option

Does Paslode offer a full head nail?

Yes, Paslode manufactures coil nails which are full round head nails and RounDrive strip nails that are full offset head nails. Paslode’s patented RounDrive fasteners are designed to work with our 30 Degree framing nailers, both the Pneumatic 30 Degree Framing nailer and the Cordless 30 Degree nailer.

Do I need HDG fasteners close to the coast?

The Building Code of Australia 2011, (referred to as NCC 2011 as it is now part of the National Construction Code Series) provides special provisions for corrosion protection in Clause (steel members built into masonry) and Clause (steel members that are NOT built into masonry). The latter clause indicates that no protection is required if the steel member or nail is located internally and in a permanently dry location (subject to no moisture).

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the Building Designer or the relevant local authority to specify corrosion requirement for different locations within the building.

What nails are best for Cypress Pine?

Cypress Pine is a hard wood and is prone to splitting. Using a pointed nail can split the timber.

Another option is to predrill and either nail or screw

Will other brands of nails work in my Paslode nailer?

Paslode nailers and fasteners are engineered to work together as a system. Other brands of nails may not be designed or manufactured to the same specifications or quality standards as Paslode. Using nails that do not meet Paslode’s specification may cause damage to the tool and injury to the operator or bystanders.

Can I use bright nails for Western Red Cedar?

No, steel nails must not be used for Western Red Cedar. Stainless Steel or Hot Dipped Galvanised nails are the most suitable. Ref NCC 2015

What colour label is used to designate corrosion protection?
ColourNail TypeCoating ClassProtection
WhiteBright Nails None
PurpleElectro GalvanisedClass 1Limited – Internal use only
GreenHot Dipped Galvanised Class 3Class 3Provides long term corrosion resistance
BuffArmour GalvanisedClass 3Provides long term corrosion resistance
RedStainless Steel For use in extreme environments
What Fasteners so I use for Triple Grips and Multi Grips?

Important Note: Due to changes in the QBCC, Gun fired nails are no longer authorised for use with Triple or Multi Grips connectors in Queensland!

Outside of Queensland, refer to the Pryda Connector and Tie-down Guide. The Page 3 note refers to “Machine Driven Nail use”. The Paslode D40810 32 mm SHEG is compliant if 20% more nails are used than the specified Pryda Connector nail. Spacing requirements for gun nailing is also detailed.


What size air compressor do I need?

The size of compressor required depends on the number of tools being used and the number of fasteners per minute. Calculations for air compressor size is usually in the Operating Manual for the tool.


Can I clean my own Nailer?

Yes. Cleaning guides are provided with the tools. Assistance is also available via our Tool Cleaning Service videos available on the Support page.

How do I find a Paslode Authorized Service Centre?

Paslode recommends that tools needing service be repaired through your Authorized Paslode Servicing Dealer Network.

To locate your nearest Service Agent location, enter your address on our Where to Service page.