Yaz Sharif from YTS Construction has taken on an ambitious project — 30 new builds in eight months across a subdivision in Helensville.

Quality and speed are non-negotiables.

Yaz and the crews started in January with a goal to be all complete by late August.

Yaz says the tight deadline was “a push” but one simple change fast-tracked the big job more than expected.

“When Paslode brought us the Purlin Nails, fixing purlins was really easy. Just one tool all the way through.”

About Paslode’s Purlin Nail

Paslode’s Purlin Nail is a 3.15mm nail with annular grooves and a full round head. Placed corner-to-corner, the nailing system meets the 2.4kN clamp down capacity required for type T fixing as per NZS 3604.

“It’s a good system, less tools to use. I don’t need to bring in an extra labourer just to do the purlin fix-off. That saves me costs as well and then, it is much quicker putting in three nails in at once, much quicker.”

Paslode’s Purlin Nail is BRANZ appraised

“I am happy it’s BRANZ appraised and it’s only three nails so it’s more time efficient.”

“I had the council inspection, it got passed just like that, especially with the paperwork.”

No more screws or glue

Yaz says the way they used to do the purlins, used to take a long time. “Screwing them off, we had to have both tools out at once, that was an issue. On one side I had the nail gun because I had to get them tacked in place. Then, I still had to put the blue screw in afterwards, so I had to run the purlin all the way through and nail it off, then go back again and screw it off. Then there’s the bending over and holding it in place, which is quite hard.”

“Now, I don’t have to keep taking screws out of my apron, turning my back, grabbing the drill… I’m just using one thing, loading it up and I keep going. I don’t need the tech bit and drill to screw the timbers together. I can just do it all with the Paslode framer.”

Yaz always keeps an eye out for innovations that might help his business. As soon as Paslode advertised the PPN-MASTER™ for fast and accurate installation of metal connectors, he sought that out too. He became one of the first builders in New Zealand to adopt the PPN on site, so when Paslode was looking for someone to trial the new Purlin Nail, we started with Yaz.

“Building 30 houses in one go is quite intensive,” says Yaz. “We’ve got three teams. I’m foreman. I’ve got my own team doing seven builds at this site. Other builders get stuck behind on their stuff and I give them a bit of a push to get their job going forward and then jump back on to mine. So, I am pretty much running most of the jobs.”

Purlin Nail 4

The PPN is a time saver

Yaz has been using the new PPN tool the whole time on this job.

“The Paslode PPN is pretty good man, saving a lot of time and that’s why it’s been going quick. All the houses are up and near complete – even with less staff.”

“For this build especially, I am using CPC 40s, joint hangers, the roof cane brace, the lintel straps – it’s doing a lot, everything, all my hard work for fixing. It’s pretty much taken over all my hand nailing jobs to be honest which is quite good, I just love it. The speed is way too fast! It’s good all round and it helps a lot.”

The PPN Master is another brand new tool to my Paslode collection… it’s quite awesome.”

For more information on the Paslode Purlin Nail see paslode.co.nz/products/purlin-nail.