The Paslode Impulse framing and trim tools are playing a starring role in the fifth series of House Rules.

With just one week to renovate each house, the gas powered, reliable and lightweight Paslode framers and bradders are critical tools hanging off the tool belts of the six House Rules teams.

Check out what Sean and Ella got up to with the Paslode tools in the Betting on Timber clip. 

The onsite hero is the Paslode FrameMaster-Li Powervent, it is the latest Impulse framing tool. This cordless, gas powered tool supplies 15% more power than previous models, which makes it ideal for firing nails into hardwood and LVL. Something that came in handy for the House Rules teams. It also fires 9,000 50–90mm nails on one battery charge.

The second Paslode Impulse tool on site is the Angled Bradder. The angled design helped the House Rules teams fire into tight spaces, such as fixing architraves into corners. The Paslode Impulse Angled Bradder fires 32-63mm brads and 50% more fasteners than previous models due to the Lithium Ion battery technology.

So, when you are planning your home renovation make sure you and your trades have got the Paslode Impulse framing and bradder tools in the tool box.