Jamie Gray from What Tradies Want and his team caught up with carpenter Mark Bowman and Paslode’s Australian and New Zealand Technical Rep Mitch Barrett to share the differences most tradies won’t be familiar with when not only using but maintaining their Paslode CoilMaster.

However, for those tradies who haven’t yet purchased or used the CoilMaster you will get an appreciation for this impressive tool after reading this review.

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Mitch is a complete guru when it comes to the inner workings and general knowledge of all things Paslode. He fixes them, pulls them apart, and tests various parts and components to see exactly what they can do. So Jamie thought that his carpenter mate Mark Bowman was the perfect tradie to involve here as he has owned almost every other Paslode gun on offer in Australia but had yet to try the CoilMaster. Soon Mitch explained that the CoilMaster is a considerably different gun from the FrameMaster.

To improve the CoilMaster’s performance and prolong its lifespan, make sure to familiarise with these differences and apply Mitch’s tips below:


Paslode produces a specific lubricant for the CoilMasters Coil feed system. Now, this coil feed should have a few oil drops added every 1000 firings, but after chatting with Mitch, this could be something you do every morning before you use the gun. “There are two areas that need a few drops added. Don’t be tempted to use a lubricant designed for an air gun (other lubricants have a different viscosity and won’t suit the CoilMaster coil feed), as Paslode’s specifically engineered CoilMaster lubricant is designed for the gun and its specific mechanisms, temperature and Impulse system. Keeping the CoilMaster well lubricated will keep it firing clean with precision and a lot fewer jams.”


Correct firing sequencing is essential for any tool, and the same stands true for the CoilMaster. “Fully depressing the tip before firing the trigger allows for a fully powered activation from the very first shot. Then, release the trigger and unload the pressure on the tip before fully depressing the tip, before firing the next nail. When following this sequencing, you are allowing the gun to prepare properly, then fire with the full force of the Impulse system. When done correctly, the CoilMaster can fire up to two nails per second,” says Mitch.


05not Shooting The Gun At Max Depth Is A Great Way To Prolong Its Lifespan

Our tradie Mark Bowman was in the process of installing 16mm James Hardie cladding, so he was the perfect guy to put the Paslode CoilMaster through its paces. Our coil nails when fired into the JH cladding were nicely sitting just below the surface. You won’t find a tougher product than this 16mm James Hardie Cladding. So, it was impressive that the coil nails and the Impulse system had the power to do an excellent job of nailing these big boards. Mark said: “This gun would be perfect for timber cladding, bracing ply, fencing repairs and a pile of other applications where the fuss of setting up compressors, air hoses and alike is just too much like hard work. The speed and ease of the Paslode CoilMaster is awesome, and now we all know how to properly lubricate the gun before use and fire it with correct sequencing. It’s going to last even longer on demanding Australian sites,”

Even though the CoilMaster isn’t a new gun here in Australia, there would be plenty of tradies trying to use it just like their FrameMaster. But the build and firing mechanism differences require a slightly different approach. By applying these techniques shared by Mitch today, you will achieve better results over a longer lifespan of your existing or future Paslode CoilMaster.

“We always use Paslode as it’s the most reliable, probably the best bang for your buck on the market.” said Karlo.”“I’ve been using Paslode tools for 22 years. They’re really durable, they’re just good guns – they’re super reliable.”

Paslode Impulse CoilMaster

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