The new Paslode Impulse IM90Ci has the power and the productivity to get your jobs done right the first time. When you’re shooting nails into framework, there’s nothing more frustrating than needing to finish off those pesky nails that didn’t go in all the way with the hammer. The introduction of the IM90Ci means you will be using your hammer even less. These new beauties pack some serious punch. With class leading power of 105 joules for all your hardwood framing needs, that’s equal pneumatic power. The power of this tool comes from its Impulse Gas Technology that eliminates the need for a compressor and hose.


The main highlight of the IM90Ci is its ability to easily punch nails into hardwood; a tough feat for most nail guns. I found some seasoned hardwood pallets and some hardwood posts and punched a full magazine of 90mm nails into each of them and then repeated this process, except this time at speed. This gauged its power to punch and its ability to keep up. 

The IM90Ci had the power. There was no need to finish the nails with a hammer. With a cycle rate of around two-to-three nails per second, you can get some serious work done with this tool. You can feel the crack and power
with every shot.


Most tradies who own a framing gun can often be on them all day long, so it’s important for the guns to be ergonomically pleasing and be able to go the distance. The IM90Ci is very well weighted and feels great in your hand. The fuel and batteries on the Impulse are epic; a single fuel cell will get you around 1,250 shots, while a fully charged battery will last around a massive 7, 500 shots. That’s an insane amount of framing and sheeting. I didn’t need to replace the battery once across the entire testing period. The gauge is an excellent feature that allows you to check the energy levels, before you climb to the top of the roof and realise that your battery has only 1 percent left and your gas is nearly empty.


The Impulse IM90Ci proved itself in the ring with its hard-hitting punches, speed and stamina. The ergonomics and centre of gravity at the trigger was great for user comfort and allowed the framer to be used for long periods of time. The excellent battery life keeps you going all day long. The general consensus was that the new Impulse impressed and there were a few jealous tradies onsite when I tested this tool that would love to nick it for an upgrade.

• Class leading power
• Impulse Gas Technology
• Fuel and battery gauge
• Optimal tool balance
• Applications include: hardwood
fastening, trusses, decking, framing,
roofing and formwork.

• Weight: 3.8kg
• Length: 328mm
• Height: 381mm
• Cycle rate: 2-3 nails /second
• Fuel Cell life: 1250 shots (approx.)
• Battery: 7500 shots full charge
• Nail size: 50-90mm
• Mag Capacity: 47 nails
• Collation: 34 deg.

 Published in What Tradies Want 2017

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