Fastener Charts

Cordless Impulse Nails

Nails Compatible with FrameMaster™

Impulse Value Packs

Product CodeLengthDiameterHeadShank TypeFinishFuel CellsBox Qty
B20544V50mm2.87mmD HeadSmoothBright33000
B20565V50mm2.87mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv33000
B20546V65mm2.87mmD HeadSmoothBright33000
B20547V75mm3.06mmD HeadSmoothBright33000
B20569V75mm3.06mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv33000
B20550V90mm3.15mmD HeadSmoothBright33000
B20571V90mm3.15mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv33000

Impulse DekFast® Value Pack

Product CodeLengthDiameterHeadShank TypeFinishFuel CellsBox Qty
B20557V 50mm2.87mmDekFast®RingHot Dipped Galv33000
B2055750mm2.87mmDekFast®RingHot Dipped Galv33000
B20558 65mm2.87mmDekFast®RingHot Dipped Galv33000
B20558V65mm2.87mmDekFast®RingHot Dipped Galv33000
B20564V75mm3.06mmDekFast®RingHot Dipped Galv33000
B2055475mm3.06mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv33000

Impulse Handy Packs

Product CodeLengthDiameterHeadShank TypeFinishFuel CellsBox Qty
B2056644m3.15mmD HeadSmoothMechanical Galv13000
B2055250mm2.87mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv11000
B2057560mm2.87mmPlygripRingHot Dipped Galv11000
B20575V60mm2.87mmPlygripRingHot Dipped Galv13000
B2055175mm3.06mmD HeadSmoothBright11000
B2055475mm3.06mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv11000
B2055090mm3.15mmD HeadSmoothBright11000
B2057190mm3.15mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv11000

Impulse DekFast® Handy Pack

Product CodeLengthDiameterHeadShank TypeFinishFuel CellsBox Qty
B2055750mm2.87mmDekFast®RingHot Dipped Galv11000
B2055865mm2.87mmDekFast®RingHot Dipped Galv11000
Pneumatic Strip Nails

Nails Compatible with Pneumatic F350S and Pneumatic PowerMaster PF350S Framing Nailers

Pneumatic Nails

Product CodeLengthDiameterHeadShank TypeFinishBox Qty
B2046350mm2.87mmD HeadSmoothBright3000
B20528D50mm2.87mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv3000
B2046775mm3.06mmD HeadSmoothBright3000
B2046990mm3.15mmD HeadSmoothBright3000
B20529F90mm3.15mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv3000
B20469D90mm Long Strip3.15mmD HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv3000

JoltFast Nails Charts

Joltfast Nails Compatible with Impulse FrameMaster-Li™ PowerVent

Impulse Galvanised Nails

Product CodeLengthDiameterHeadShank TypeFinishBox Qty
B2068065mm2.87mmJoltfast R HeadRingHot Dipped Galv1000
B2068175mm3.06mmJoltfast R HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv1000
B20681V75mm3.06mmJoltfast R HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv3000
B2068290mm3.06mmJoltfast R HeadSmoothHot Dipped Galv1000

Impulse Stainless Steel Nails

Product CodeLengthDiameterHeadShank TypeFinishBox Qty
B2068565mm2.87mmJoltfast R HeadRingStainless Steel1000
B2068375mm3.06mmJoltfast R HeadRingStainless Steel1000
B2068490mm3.06mmJoltfast R HeadRingStainless Steel1000


Head types
Nail Head Type Round

Conventional nail head shape, best suited to applications requiring higher pullthrough resistance

Nail Head Type D Head

D Head
Offers similar performance to round head nails and enables nails to be collated hard up against each other

Nail Head Type Roundrive

RounDrive and DekFast®
Allows for tight collation and ensures much greater holding power and pull through resistance

Shank Types
Nail Shank Type Smooth

The most common shank type, providing excellent holding power in most construction applications

Nail Shank Type Ring

Requires the greatest driving power and provides superior withdrawal resistance in softwood timbers

Point Types
Nail Point Type Diamond

The most common and easiest to drive however may contribute to splitting timbers in some applications

Nail Point Type Blunt Chisel

Blunt Chisel
Almost eliminates timber splitting however not suitable for clinching applications

Nail Point Type Conical

Designed for penetrating steel, commonly used in steel framing

Collation Types
  • ProStrip and RounDrive Paper Tape
  • Glue/Adhesive

Coatings / Finishes

FinishOther NamesDescription
BrightBright SteelUnplated, bright iron with no corrosion protective coating.
Zinc PlatedE/GalvZinc Plated or Electromagnetic Galvanising uses electrolysis to draw zinc and chromate onto the surface of bright steel. The result is a thin galvanised layer with a smooth finish, typically up to 10μm (microns).
Mechanical GalvanisedM/GalvNails are coated with zinc by peening powdered forms of the desired coating onto the surface of the nails.
Hot Dipped GalvanisedHDGNails are dipped into hot melted zinc until a surface layer of minimum 50μm of zinc has been created. The thickness of the zinc layer varies from minimum 50μm to typically around 80μm.
Stainless SteelSSManufactured from stainless steel wire providing extreme corrosion resistance
Polymer CoatedDip CoatedA functional resin or glue coating is applied to the nail shank to reduce the required nailing power and also to increase the withdrawal resistance of the nail.
Corrosion Resistance

The New Zealand Building Code Standard NZBS 3604 :11 specifies Durability requirements for framing nails:

  • Bright – For Internal framing use within the Building Envelope
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised – For general exterior use and in Medium risk exposure zone C
  • Stainless Steel (T304 Grade) – For the sea spray zone high risk zone D

Please refer to the BRANZ Map for exact details and check the Paslode BRANZ Appraisal 546 – final authority will be with your Local Area Council / Building Inspector