6 Tips to Help Maintain Your Impulse Framer

Even the best equipment needs regular maintenance. Especially after all the framing, flooring, stapling and finishing. Here is an easy guide to help your nailer achieve a long life and a trouble-free operation every time.


Before servicing your tool, make sure to remove all fasteners, fuel cell and battery. Restrict DIY maintenance to the following areas:

  • Battery
  • Fuel Cell
  • Feed System
  • Cylinder

Please Note:
For problems other than cleaning, consult an approved Paslode service agent. For further advice, contact your local Paslode representative.

1) Get the right supplies

  • Paslode Cordless Lubricating Oil Part No. B20544F
  • Paslode Cleaner Degreaser Part No. B20544L
  • Screwdriver
  • 5/32 Hex key wrench

2) Conduct a general assessment

  • We recommend tightening all screws and bolts in your nailer every month. To be on the cautious side, you may even assess your tool before each use.

3) Check the battery

  • Inspect the battery indicator when battery is fitted, it should be flashing green for a charged battery.
  • Recharge the battery when the battery indicator light turns solid red.

4) Check the fuel cell

CAUTION: Always wear safety glasses while performing this assessment. Never attempt this test near a spark or open flame, or where the fuel may get in contact with your eyes.

  • To determine the presence of fuel, hold the fuel cell in the upright position. Place the metering stem against a solid surface and push it three or four times. If the cell still contains fuel, it will release a small amount each time.
  • The Framer fuel cell has a life of 27 months and the Smaller Trim cell has a life of 21 months from the date of manufacture. Replace it as necessary and dispose of empty cell at a battery collection point or in general waste.  Do not puncture or incinerate the fuel cells, even when empty.

5) Inspect the feed system

  • At Paslode, we make an extensive range of steel fasteners. Their tested high quality ensures they achieve top performance in any timber density.
  • We treat all Paslode framing nails with our exclusive Red Tip Coating. It helps them achieve superior depth of drive and provides greater withdrawal resistance than any other brand. This allows you to get the most out of your nailing tool while saving you time and money on every project.

6) Cleaning the cylinder

  • To access the inside of the tool separate the handle head assembly from the from the body of the tool for servicing, refer to our  Quick Reference Guide to Tool Cleaning.
  • Only use Paslode Degreaser Cleaner. Other cleaning chemicals may damage plastic, rubber or electrical components
  • Only use Paslode Cordless Lubricating Oil to lubricate the walls and head of the cylinder.  Paslode Cordless Lubricating Oil is specially formulated for use in the Paslode Cordless Nailers. The use of other types of lubricants may cause rapid build-up of combustion residue or result in premature part failure.

Once you have completed the cleaning and reassembly, it’s time to test the tool. Replace the Battery, Fuel Cell and nail strip. Wearing safety glasses and hearing protection, test fire the tool to ensure the Paslode nailer is working correctly.