Whether you have impulse, pneumatic or flooring equipment, sometimes it might get jammed. Clearing an obstructed nailer is simpler than you think. Our guide will help you find the right solution to fix your tool.

Before addressing any issue on your nailer, remove all power sources, like the battery and the fuel cell. Now that your tool is inoperative, it’s safe for you to clear the jam, but remember to keep it facing away from you.

How to unjam a nailer:

1. Unscrew the two front nose bolts, or lift the nose latch, releasing the front nose plate (Trim tool caution: Keep nose downwards when lifting the nose latch & ensure no loose brads are present – lightly tap the probe on a firm surface).
2. Open the nose.
3. Clear the jam and push the driver blade back to its rest position.
4. Close the front nose and refix.
5. Ensure the probe is free and springs back to the rest position.
6. Reinsert the battery and the fuel cell.
7. Reload the tool with fasteners
8. Test to ensure a successful operation.

It is important to know the cause of jammed fasteners:

Cause  Solution
 Worn or damaged Probe Replace Probe
 Dented/worn driver blade Replace driver
 Incorrect nail size or type Check that correct Paslode fasteners are being used
 Broken/contaminated fasteners Replace fasteners
 Loose magazine or nose screws Tighten any loose components

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Now you’re all set to go, and one step closer to making it with Paslode.

Why You Need an Authorised Service Agent to Service your Paslode

Our authorised service agents are experts in the field, so you can trust their knowledge. With years of experience, they will service your tools with quality and commitment. This will ensure that your equipment works for many seasons to come.

Remember: Hiring an authorised service agent lets you keep your Paslode warranty intact.

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