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Cordless Timber Cladding System

As part of an innovation initiative undertaken by ITW Paslode New Zealand, we are pleased to announce a world premier launch of a new cordless system to fix timber weather board using small round head nails. The nails have been BRANZ appraised.

A steel anodized timber weather board cladding guide helps installers quickly align the nails at equal distance from the bottom of the cladding edge.

Use in conjunction with Paslode‚Äôs existing cordless Framemaster Powervent framer and No Mar Guide. 1 year warranty is provided with the JoltFast system.

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System components:

Three nail lengths are compatible with the JoltFast system, 65mm, 75mm & 90mm nails. 

All three nails are Hot Dipped Galvanized and have a small round head similar to a traditional Jolt nail used for timber weatherboard cladding.

The head of the nails are 56% smaller than framing nails.

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The system provides a quicker installation times that deliver dramatic time savings for the Builder when compared to traditional method for nailing timber weather board.

  • No need to set up a compressor on site for timber weatherboard cladding
  • No need to drag compressor hoses around site or up scaffolds
  • Eliminates need to mark out horizontal nailing lines
  • No damaging of timber surfaces