Product Nail Guide Attachment

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The Product Nail Guide Attachment 

The Product Nail Guide is an attachment designed exclusively for use with the Paslode Impulse FrameMaster Framing Nailer to drive Paslode 44 X 3.15mm Product Nails into Nail Plates. 

The Paslode Product Nail Guide eliminates hand driving nails and awkward and expensive specialist pneumatic tools and compressors used to install nails plates and bracing systems by offering a faster and lower cost Impulse method.

Tool Free Depth of Drive Adjustment
Flush Drive Indicator Mark
Hardened Steel Construction
Designed for use with the Paslode Impulse FrameMaster

Product Code (B20540P)  

-Safety Glasses must be warn.
-Not suitable for use with plates greater than 1.2mm thick.
-Always use tool at
90° Angle to metal plate work surface.
-If Product Nail Guide probe can not locate the nail hole, the nail must not be driven.
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Paslode Impulse Product Nails 

Hardened Nails for superior strength for steel plate connection D-Head for exceptional holding power for nail plate construction fasteners

The NEW 44 x 3.15mm Paslode Product Nails are BRANZ appraised to meet New Zealand Building Code requirements

Approved by Pryda for use in attaching bracing and nail plates up 1.2mm thick.

Patented Paslode Paper Collation Tape 

Exclusive Twist n Lock fuel cell system

Available in M/Galvanised 2000 packs
Product code: B20566

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